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holidays, hikes, stays and sabbaticals in France in the Pyrenees mountains

Meditation retreats, times out, reflection & life review, sabbatical leaves.

Self guided meditation retreats. Experiencing, stillness and simple life enjoying nature in the Pyrenees mountains quiet house. Meditative walking, turning inward, meditation, reflection, reading, a resourcing time out or a sabbatical leave, life review or reorientation awareness to change your life.

General information: basic costs, minimum stay, community living, environment, ... .
Quiet walking & stillness retreat holidays: self guided relaxing retreats, possibilities, walks, ... .
2 weeks walking and stillness retreat holidays:  experiencing the Pyrenees mountains, relaxed daily life, ... .
Time-outs: to retreat and find back to your values, experiencing simplicity, relaxation meditation and life review, ... .
Sabbatical leaves: reading, life review, writing, deciding what you're going to do that next stage of your life ...


2 weeks stillness retreat, calm and simple living.General Information on quiet holidays in the 1794 Pyrenees quiet house.

Simple community living: Generally we're only one or two, maximum 6 people to retreat at the quiet house. Costs for food and drink are shared. We eat vegan, + dairy and fish are possible but no meat. Only the evening meal is taken together. We prepare those meals together or in turn. Other meals are free. This allows us to sleep longer or go for day walks. Every retreat ant participates in washing dishes, simple house and garden keeping, favoring a quiet close to nature life. Costs for food and beverages are shared.

If you're coming without a car Richard can pick you up or drive you: 0,5€/driven km. This is not possible during summer period from Juli,15 to September,15 because of our hiking mountain meditation retreats.

Simplicity retreat.
There's a simple quiet room awaiting you: a bed, a cupboard, a desk, a chair, an armchair and a mountain view. Pyrenees House has 3 rooms (soon 5) for 3 people (soon5) or couples.  Comfort is simple but there is all you need for retreating and staying in harmony with nature: A cozy living room with lounge and wood fire, 2 bathrooms one with showers the other with a tub, a wild garden and a rustic natural mountain village / back country calm environment.

A quiet calm place suited for slowing down, relax and silent retreat:
A place for walking, a time-out to relax, enjoying simple living, nature and the mountains. Plenty of time to be still, read, reflect, study or write, for a sabbatical or relaxed mere being.

Minimum retreat stay is for a full week (6 overnights), fortnights are usual. If you would like to stay longer, for a sabbatical leave, cohousing here etc. contact Richard or resident.

Richard +33 626 99 33 11 or mail

self guided couples meditation retreat and life review

Self guided individual or couples retreat in the 'Parc Naturel Regional des Pyrenees Ariegeoises'.

Stillness silent retreat in the Pyrenees is both slowing down, relaxing and recharging your batteries. But it's also a natural way to get back in shape and fit. A good physical condition is a necessary though not sufficient to get back to bodily felt experiencing, awareness and conscience = the basics of any spirituality.

Couples retreat? Experiencing a relaxing meditative walking holidays and simple living together, sharing your experience, dreams and upcoming life review deepens your love and shared spirituality.

Mountain stillness retreat: Hillwalking, hiking unhurried, rambling at your own rhythm and pace enjoying nature and the mountains, will clear your mind, relax and train your body. Allowing you to bodily experience your life and way of life as a whole.
Your thinking gets musing and turns into experiencing. Nature's stillness, the chirping of crickets and birds, discovering unknown wildflowers, mushrooms, lizards and butterflies, sweeping views across the valley to the mountains, ... .. Hillwalking quite naturally deepens your sense of equilibrium and bodily awareness.

Vicdessos valley and the valleys here around are a calm quiet walking paradise for retreaters : more than 90 marked footpaths (+ their combinations) to walk. Centuries old trails and mule paths linking one village to the other. Winding up to passes, finding the easiest way, trying to follow contours, avoiding too steep rise or fall. 
You may walk up to summer pastures or even higher and further, hiking across the passes to Andorra or Catalonia. Rambling through shady forests, grazed slopes to higher ground and over the pass.  Discovering the other villages behind and the changing outlook over other mountains. Walking unhurriedly, contemplating at your own pace, resting, pick-nicking wherever you feel. Visiting old villages and medieval cities, castle ruins and holes.
Walks lasting from about two hours to a couple of hours and day walks starting in our village or the adjacent villages over the low passes in the side valleys of main Vicdessos valley... . All you need to integrate bodily felt experience, life review, retreat and reflection.
All you need for a more or less intensive hillwalking retreat holidays. Contemplating and enjoying nature, mountain views, the sound and smells of woods and meadows, the back country and it's seasons, ... . Relaxing, finding back to your bodily felt experience, awareness, conscience.

More information about self guided retreats in the Pyrenees mountains?  Call or mail Richard +33 626 99 33 11 or

guided contemplative mountain walks for stillness and meditation2-weeks meditation retreat holidays with guided contemplative walks.

You may prefer guided walks.  Prefer not to walk alone or, although staying at the mountain quiet house, combining exploring the valleys or mountains the contemplative way. Turning inward for retreat and life review. As a couple such more adventurous meditation retreats deepens and renews your cooperation and sense for adventure.
Longer hiking mountain retreats or treks are only possible in late spring and summer. Somewhere between half of June and end of September.
But when weather forecast is good, more intensive contemplative day walks higher up are feasible. As long as there is no snow. Mountain views invite to discover the higher grounds. If you like so, even more adventurous 1 or 2 days meditation hikes are possible. Combine retreating at the house with hiking up to some beautiful lake, camping there into solitude and silence to retreat for a night or two into the high mountain. Wandering around as an hermit and coming back to the Pyrenees quiet house. This is best possible in mountain Spring time from June to half of July.

More about a guided walking retreat holidays in the Pyrenees mountains? Call Richard +33 626 99 33 11 or mail


rediscovering and deepening natural relaxation meditation and life review.2-weeks silent retreat holidays : discovering and deepening natural relaxation meditation and life review.

These stillness retreats may include guided walks, learning to relax,  improve your body and overall awareness, learn or deepen your focusing skills, rediscovering natural relaxation meditation, inborn life review processes and allowing them, ... . The innate process of bodily felt experiencing leading to awareness and conscience.
Costs for food and drink are shared. Community living.

Learning to bring more calm into your busy live may not only be helpful but necessary to avoid stress and going for an happier couple or family life.
It's possible to increase your body-awareness through walking, learning to relax and rediscovering innate stillness meditation.

Retreat and walking (and eating less and mainly vegetables, legumes and whole grains) helps maintaining your weight, preventing heart diseases, high blood pressure an type 2 diabetes. Especially hillwalking strengthens your bones, muscles and stamina. Hillwalking, experiencing and enjoying nature improves your wellbeing and lifts your mood. The irregularities of the terrain enhance your balance and coordination. Increased body-awareness is a natural result of hillwalking.

Learning to relax starts by deepening this body-awareness through giving in more consciously to your bodily felt experience and sensations. Enhanced body-awareness allows to realize where you're unconsciously holding and tensing. Letting this go, relaxing, leads to deeper breathing and its experience of bodily felt wellbeing and becoming aware.  Hillwalking retreat into the Pyrenees is both slowing down and recharging your batteries. But it's also a natural way to get back in shape and fit.
This bodily relaxation when it deepens naturally develops to an experience of stillness, mere awareness. Richard can teach you how to relax while in movement too.

Bodily relaxation is deepened by natural silent stillness meditation.  Natural meditation, as are sleeping and dreaming, is another inborn healing and stress processing skill. Although this innate ability to experience stillness most probably is the natural ground on which religions built their ideologies, natural stillness meditation needs no religious or spiritual ideology. It's an innate natural way to relax as well your body as your mind. While allowing your attention to float freely just guided by what this process brings into your foreground.
Giving in to your innate stillness, relaxing your body and mind restores your innate life awareness. = Your bodily experienced unity of wellbeing and your way of thinking and living. Natural stillness meditation needs neither a specific body posture nor concentration whatsoever. It's just allowing this innate process to occur.

Rediscovering your natural innate stillness and deepening it's experience not only increases your awareness and makes you feel better. Allowing this stillness meditation triggers an innate life review. The outcomes of this natural innate meditation and its deepening are manifold: more inner calm, less anxiety, more sleep, better health. More clearness about your life and what's important to you. More sensitivity, emotional stability, creativity in problem solving, reliability, empathy and charm, sense of justice and love. In short: it helps you developing happiness. 

More information? On combining guided walking holidays, learning to relax and meditate in the Pyrenees mountains? Call or mail Richard +33 626 99 33 11 or


autumn stillness retreats time-outs and ressourcing walking holidaysTime-outs relax, resource, find back to yourself, think over and evaluate your life?

This retreats may include guided walks, learning to relax, slow down, improve your awareness, learn or deepen your focusing skills to become aware of your bodily felt experience of your life, ... .
Costs for food and drink are shared. Community living.

If you're looking for a place to reflect about your life, recover from or solve some problems, ... . Becoming aware of your bodily felt experience and its ties to what's happening in your life and how you react to, may be most useful.
An open self-empathic attention to your bodily feeling, allows you to develop your awareness and conscience. Focusing on your bodily felt experience of problems and situations and how you deal with others may clear your way of understanding and dealing with life. Helping you to more insight, clearness about your values and character.
A time-out for allows to restore necessary balance between contact and withdrawal, busyness and idleness.
In a natural way time-outs allow becoming aware of how you relate to others, to work and to society as a whole. For what you may need to change in your life (= the only thing you really have, because that's what you are) to become more body-aware, trustworthy, empathetic, solidary, just and loving. The path to happiness.

sabbatical leave in the Pyrenees mountains quiet houseSabbatical leave

The Pyrenees quiet house is the place to be for your 3 months up to 1 year sabbatical leave. A quiet natural environment, stillness and simple living = all you need for relaxing, turning inward, becoming aware, decanting, letting go and finding your goals for a profound sense full next stage of your life.

More information? Just call +33 626 99 33 11 or mail Richard

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