retreat, stillness, simplicity
holidays, hikes, stays and sabbaticals in France in the Pyrenees mountains

Images of stillness and simplicity retreat and the Pyrenees mountains.

 Pyrenees quiet house mountain retreat in autumn Miglos Castel a Cathar castle in the Ariege county stillness retreats, walking holidays and sabbatical leave

  stillness retreats in autumn Pyrenees mountain retreat has a simple quiet room awaiting you in the Pyrenees winter waking holidays at pyrenees quiet house

 camping in the wild summer Pyrenees hiking mountain retreat hiking retreat around Ruhle peak Aston massif Pyrenees private guide service off the beaten paths in the Spanish Pyrenees

  private made to measure hike crossing some lower pass the Pyrenees are known for their most beautifull hiden lakes private spring hike in June offers splendid views

 autumn is a beautiful season in the Pyrenees Koch's gentian simple living is sustainable living natural stillness meditation enjoying flowers and simpleness

  shared self catering and simple living holidays in the Pyrenees mountains. curious marmot wondering about those hikers hut to hut private guided hikes for couples and groups

 ascetics, meditation and down to earth mystique holidays in the Pyrenees meditation holidays fasting and hiking in the Pyrenees mountains resting chamois places of outstanding natural beauty in the Pyrenees.

  pyrenees retreat: enjoyingsimple mountain flowers mountain stream calling for contemplation and stillness meditation yellow gentian in a pyrenees summer pasture more than 60 walking holidays trails in the Pyrenees around the Vicdessos valley

 experiencing natural calm and meditation at dawn and sunset retreating into silence and loneliness for stillness meditation and life review hiking, meditating, enjoying wildlife and chamois 

  walking, hiking and trekking through the Pyrenees mountains or day hiking quiet along the stream view from the pass above the village walking from one village tothe other following old mule paths

  private quiet made to measure hike enjoying mountain view even the cows meditate staying overnight at the quiet Pyrenees house enjoying mountain day walks

  Pyrenees walking summer holidays another beautifull walk in the quiet house valley natural stillness meditation and walking brings calm in your busy life High level toute, GR10 and hundreds of other marked trails, long distance walking and backpacking in the Pyrenees.

 Arquizat a typical rustique mountain village in the Ariege county rxperiencing stillness, growing awareness and conscience Cathar Castle Miglos

  Pyrenees quiet guest house, shared self catering and simple living Pyrenees holidays in winter. Hillwalking and hiking in the Spanish Pyrenees mountains: down Pica d'Estats. Seno and Romedo lakes