retreat, stillness, simplicity
in France in the Pyrenees mounains

Meditation retreats, life review retreats, contemplative walking holidays and sabbaticals in France in the Pyrenees mountains.

Meditation, retreat and simple living combined with walking are an age old way to develop your bodily felt experiencing of the life you are.  Innate life review is freed. Better physical condition, deeper awareness, self-reliance, care, respect, cooperation, sense of justice, love, conscience and integrity are the outcome. Change your life gets possible. Such times out of 'normal' life situation can be a few weeks, longer stays or a sabbatical leave.

Meditation retreat, simple life and quiet walking holidays in France, break, sabbatical or time-out staying in a simple old Pyrenees farm house,
Made to measure hiking meditation retreats in the Pyrenees Mountains, contemplative, enjoying nature made to measure hiking retreats discovering the Pyrenees.
Intensive hiking mountain meditation retreats: 2 or 4 weeks of slowing down, retreating wandering high up as an hermit, experiencing wild natural beauty and stillness, rediscovering the healing power of innate natural meditation and life review. What, disembarrassed from any ideology, 'spiritual awakening' really means.
Sabbatical leaves and longer stays for reflection, study, writing, ... . All the time you need to evaluate your work and life in the Pyrenees mountains
Experiencing France and the Pyrenees mountains the contemplative way at affordable prices.
Ultra light hiking gear.


meditation retreats, the simple life hollidays, life review and sabbaticals in France in the Pyrenees mountainsStillness meditation retreat and walking holidays and stays in our 1794 former Pyrenees farm house.

Different South of France Holidays : A simple quiet house about 200m from the village of Arquizat. Open all year long. Room for 3 or 3 couples. Minimum stay 6 overnights. Shared self catering, calm and stillness in the midst of in the Ariege Pyrenees' Regional Nature Park, South of Toulouse on the border with Andorra and Spain.
The Ariege county is a wildest and most beautiful part of the Pyrenees Mountains : plenty of lakes and walkable mountains. Nature all around, footpaths, hundreds of marked trails from easy to more difficult, 1, 2, 3 our more hours to a days walks in our valley and the valleys and mountains around. All you need for a resourcing meditation, retreat and walking holidays, contemplating and enjoying nature, stillness, silence and mountain views.
A nice, simple, rustic place for retreat, walking, relaxing, still calm holidays, a break, a longer time-out or your sabbatical leave.
Pyrenees house a quiet place to stay, meditate, reflect, read or write.  You get a simple room with mountain view, a bed, a table, a chair, a cupboard, an armchair, nature all around and stillness.
Meditation and simplicity retreats in the South of France in the Pyrenees Mountains quiet house.


stilness retreats in France meditative hiking the Pyrenees mountainsMade to measure hiking meditation retreats individual, couples retreats or team retreats as a spiritual way of team building.

Made to measure hiking retreats (minimum 6 overnights), meditation and life review high up into the wild mountains. Off the beaten paths. Possible between half of June to end of September. = After and before snow. Up into the high grounds. Camping in the wild. Frugal living. Wandering high up from lake to lake, discovering and exploring  the Pyrenees mountains at contemplative rhythm and pace.
Resourcing hiking meditation retreats into the midst of wild nature
, minimalist living, experiencing nature from within, back to better physical condition. In your rucksack a tent and the bare minimum you really need.
Pica d'Estats and Mount Roig massifs are the wildest part of the Pyrenees mountains: plenty of blue mountain lakes and walkable peaks.
Although you probably won't meet Pyrenean brown bears, wolves or lynx, there still are some but they're very shy. More probably you may observe chamois, ibex, vultures and eagles, encounter half wild horses, meeting goats or sheep, ... .
Experiencing nature's wild beauty, awe, stillness, silence and simplicity along unpublished or unknown high level route paths (HRP) and trails.  Paths once used for escapes to freedom, by smugglers, shepherds and mountaineers that know and find them because they live here. Rambling up into the high mountains along high hidden and forgotten paths, enjoying wildlife, landscape, flowers and encounter.
Private made to measure hiking meditation individual or couples retreats and spiritual team building.


stillness retreats house in south France Midi-Pyrenees2 or 4 weeks intensive hiking meditation mountain retreat rediscovering stillness and it's innate life review.

Our yearly 4 weeks hiking, simplicity and meditation retreat, this 2017 from July, 15 to August,12. A similar introductory 2 weeks from September,2 to 16 for those aspiring to thorough life review but have no camping into wild mountain experience yet.

Intensive life review retreat into silence and solitude to rediscover your innate experiencing an becoming aware and conscious processes. Only for you if you guess spirituality, developing and integrating your bodily felt awareness, reliability, empathy, commitment and sense of justice are central to happiness and lasting love.
'No guru, no mysticism' hiking, fasting and meditation retreat.
Experiencing the healing power of slowing down and simple living the closest possible to nature. Experiencing stillness, contemplation, rediscovering your natural innate meditation process. Hiking, camping in the wild and the Pyrenees mountains, just being.
Resourcing holidays for body and soul. Stillness, contemplation, becoming aware of your bodily felt experience of how you live. Hiking and exploring the Pica d'Estats massif, rediscovering your deeper self.
Intensive 4 of 2 weeks life review hiking mountain retreats. 


Sabbatical leave and stillness mountain retreat in the French PyreneesSabbatical leaves and longer stays for reflection, study, writing, ...

If you're looking for a place for your sabbatical leave, if you appreciate stillness, solitude, silence, simple living and the quietness of nature near a small mountain village, why not consider France and the Pyrenees Mountains?  Here's a simple room waiting for you: just a bed, a table, a chair, an armchair and a wardrobe. We're living in stillness, there's no radio or television, but Wi-Fi is available.

Costs for nourishment and beverages are shared. We are veggie lovers, may eat dairy and fish but no meat. Only supper is taken together. You can have breakfast and lunch as is convenient to you for a longer sleep, going for day strolls or an hike. Each of us helps in washing dishes, basic house and garden keeping.

You may find more information on our stillness retreats, time-outs and sabbaticals page or contact Richard to stay here for a week or two to taste the atmosphere.


France retreat holidays and sabbaticals in the Pyrenees mountainsJoining in our stillness, tranquility and adventurous hikes is intentionally affordable :

What we pay is a membership fee:
450, 500, 550, 600, 650, 700, 750 or more € according to our revenues, fortune and how important having a shared mountain retreat in France in the Pyrenees is to us.
A membership fee because we want you to take part in community living : we prepare meals together or alternately (costs are shared), all of us participate in keeping house and garden clean, peaceful and quiet.

Pyrenees House is an affordable place offering the Pyrenees, stillness and tranquility.
Time for walking, hiking, discovering and exploring the Pyrenees mountains respecting nature and wildlife, retreat, turning inward, reflect, read, write, relaxing and taking it easy.
If you wish, there is opportunity for guided walks, hikes or counseling.
Richard, our resident, is as well a licensed Mountain Leader as an experienced counselor.

More information ? joining the simple life friends.

Ultra light hiking gear.

Finding the ultra light hiking gear useful for longer hiking meditation retreats at an affordable price is not easy. Richard added a page to compare best value for money hiking gear with real ultra light hiking gear. Compare ultra light meditation hiking gear.

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